Metric Audit Report - Discover Deprecated Metric Usage

Dynatrace deprecates and sunsets certain metrics over time. The metrics are replaced with new metric keys that offer improved functionality. There is a period of time when both the new and deprecated metric keys are available, allowing you to make a smooth transition.

This Metric Audit Report is a browser-based tool that uses the Dynatrace API to audit your environment for any deprecated metrics used by Dashboards, Custom Events for Alerting, and Service-level objectives. The report shows the new metrics you can use to replace the deprecated ones and details of the new metric's dimensions and availability. Since this tool is browser-based, once it is loaded, it will be able to audit any Dynatrace or Dynatrace Managed location that your browser has network access to.

After running the audit report, use the results to update all impacted Dashboards, Alerts and Service-level Objectives before the metrics are decommissioned.



Service-level Objectives